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The Social Gambler was started by a group of sports fanatics with a view to build an independent community for people interested in on-line gaming and sports betting technology. Each day we offer picks, reviews and sports news, all without subscription and purely sponsored by advertising – so remember to visit our sponsors… We want your feedback and your opinions, so share your picks and we’ll share ours.

The Social Gambler Writing Staff
  • Mitchell Mancini– Known as “The Kingmaker” in handicapping circles, Mancini now brings his 29 years of professional experience to The Social Gambler. After graduating law school Mancini realized a career as a handicapper could be much more lucrative than a career spent practicing law, so he has spent the last 3 decades perfecting his craft. He has emerged as “The Kingmaker”, one of the most respected handicappers on the East Coast of the United States.
  • Mickey Ward – A hard man who loves his fighting , be it boxing or UFC, if there’s a fight going on , he’ll be there to cover it and maybe take a few back room bets.
  • The Doctor – Loves motor sports and cricket and has an unhealthy aversion to Liverpool FC. A technologist at heart specialising in on-line gaming. He updates us with a decidedly satirical spin on the news. He’s also utterly useless at sports gambling but a monster at the black jack table. Recently replaced with a super computer and to be honest, we can only say its been an improvement.
  • ‘MR X’ – A trader on sports in Europe and the United States who acquired much knowledge from working on the Bookmaker and Exchange side of gambling.  He now uses these skills to make his living in professional sports betting.
  • ‘Iced G’ – A sports gambling enthusiast, that eats, sleeps and breathes all things sports related. He recently started a career in sports trading, specializing in Rugby and Cricket markets. Whatever is going on in the world of sport, this guy is one of the first to know about it.
  • DAQMAN – The horse racing tipster. With a unique insight into the daily racing activity, DAQMAN knows his stuff and has a high accuracy with his predictions. For a man with no name, he commands respect in the industry. We’re certainly happy to have him on board.
  • John Arnette – Our very on radio personality. John is obsessive about NFL and NCAAF and talks about it each night during the Social Gambler Radio Hour on ESPN Radio ( WAOC ) Monday-Fridays at 4-5 ET. Find the link on the home page and tune in. He’s got a direct line to Mancini for all the latests sports picks and analysis. John is our latest addition to the Social Gambler staff.
  • Paul McCarthy-Brain – Betting industry technologist and commentator. When he’s not inventing stuff for the on-line gambling industry, he’s reading and writing about it. Mobile and kiosks are his passion along with his ever growing family. He’s worked out in Macau and Vegas but mostly spends his days living and working in Ireland. If it’s happening he knows about it , if it hasn’t been invented yet, odds are he’ll build it.
  • Roy ‘The Boy’ Brindley – Professional Poker player by day and The Social Gamblers Formula One pundit at the weekends. If you’re into F1 then his articles are a must read.
  • Greg Walker – BETDAQ’s Mr.Television and sports tipster. You’ll find Greg frequently on Racing UK, At The Races and Sky Sports, when he can’t get on the TV, he’s doing radio slots and when no radio work is available, he’s writing for the Social Gambler. There is literally nothing Greg doesn’t know about Spanish Soccer, Horse Racing or the Greyhounds and we’re pleased to have him on board. His nickname is ‘El Francotirador’ (thats Spanish for the sniper).
  • Ross ‘Rosco’ Johnson – The Social Gamblers personal card shark. You’ll find him picking off the weak and vulnerable at the tables in Vegas, but he’ll make an appearance anywhere there is free food and he thinks he can win. Ross blogs about his wins and losses in a brutally frank way
  • Johnny Meeks – Professional sports trader for the last decade specialising on Soccer. Newest addition to the Social Gambler ranks.
  • TrevDaq – Trevor Dunne has been working on the racecourse since before the dinosaurs but his secret passion was visiting the dog track in the evenings. Trevor joins the Social Gambler to bring us the latest in K9 betting technology
  • Simon Milham – NFL sports pundit and ex-Racing Post journo. Simon covers all regular season games and also writes for the excellent betdaqnfl.com web site
Want to join the team and write for the Social Gambler ? Then what are you waiting for, email us at feedback@thesocialgambler.com