Sports book refunds all losing Adam Scott British Open bets

Sports books are not necessarily known for their compassion. Many times I’ve endured gutting losses, sometimes even whining about my misfortune to the unsympathetic souls who are employed by the book that took my bet, and I’ve never, ever, ever had them give me my money back.

I guess my problem is the fact that I’ve never used (by the way, this is in no way, shape or form an advertisement for sportsbettingonline). That’s because the folks there have decided that any bettor who had the misfortune of backing Adam Scott in last week’s British Open is entitled to a full refund of their money.

That’s right, any and all losing Adam Scott tickets were fully refunded, making the Aussie’s stunning Sunday collapse a little easier to swallow for his backers. Dave Johnson, head oddsmaker at, explains: “With so many of the favorites including Woods not cashing, it was a good day for the sportsbooks, but that wasn’t the case for those who dropped money on Scott. We feel it’s our duty to refund the players for taking such a bad beat. His collapse was historic and we know the bettors who had him must feel as awful as he does.”

Uhhh… it’s their “duty” to refund players? Never heard that one before. Call me cynical, but I would like to see how many Adam Scott bets this particular book had taken. If they really want to be a friend to the bettor, how about giving everyone one “bad beat refund” per year that could be used on any bet in any sport.

If you do that,, I’ll open an account with you folks myself.

I won’t hold my breath though. Something tells me that this was a calculated move by the folks who run the book, after all, they did issue a press release announcing all of this. And hey, it was a good move. Any publicity is good publicity…