Kobe Bryant thinks Olympic age limits are a stupid idea

Kobe Bryant has hit out against a measure that would restrict basketballs’ top stars featuring in the Olympics

Los Angeles Lakers star point guard Kobe Bryant has rebuked NBA’s proposal to put up an age limit on players taking part in the Olympics. Kobe Bryant claims “it’s a stupid idea” from the NBA to consider an age limit on players participating in the basketball event at the Olympics.

Kobe Bryant explained that this would prevent many world class players from performing in the Olympics in the future.

The NBA Commissioner David Stern spoke about the possibility of introducing a rule which only allowed players aged 23 years and below to participate in the Olympics.

“It’s a stupid idea, stupid,” the 33-year-old veteran told reporters on Tuesday, before Team USA heads out to play a friendly against Great Britain on Thursday. “It should be a [player’s] choice.”

David Stern is most probably rooting for the NBA team owners, who suggest that their top players are more prone to injuries and fatigue after they return from representing their national teams.

Winner in every sense

Kobe Bryant, who has won the NBA championship five times with the Los Angeles Lakers, won a gold medal for the United States at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Kobe Bryant believes players have the right to play in Olympics; after all it is a global tournament for the “best athletes” in the world.

If the Social Gambler controlled the Olympics

“The Olympics is really about putting the best athletes out there to compete against the best. That’s what it’s about, put the best out there,” Kobe Bryant said. “From a basketball standpoint, [an age limit] would lessen the Olympics, absolutely.”

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin sustained an injury soon an injury last week during a practice session with the US Olympics team. Blake Griffin requires an arthroscopic surgery to repair torn cartilage in his left knee. This recovering from such a surgery could keep Blake Griffin on the bed well after the NBA season reopens.

Sadly for the Los Angeles Clippers this injury comes just weeks after Blake Griffin signed in a $95 million contract with them.

Kobe Bryant had a smile on his face when he was asked to explain the opinions of David Stern and NBA owners regarding limiting participation of players in tournaments outside of the NBA.

It’s all about the money stupid

“No, it’s to protect their investments,” Kobe Bryant said. “When you look at guys who are injured here, they have treatment around the clock. We have the best training staff, we have the professional coaches who are here monitoring us.

“If our owners or NBA coaches want to contact us and see how we’re doing, they can easily come to practice, they can easily talk to the training staff – as opposed to guys disappearing for the summer and coming back overweight.”